Our terroir

Here, the richness of our earthis born from fractured ground

Our vineyard is characterised by a major structural feature, a significant fault, with a sizeable shift.

The Dheune river passes through this very ancient large fracture line that literally chisels the landscape.

This distinctive geology increases the diversity of our subsoil, making it unique among the totality of the Burgundy vineyard.

We are the southernmost appellation of the Côte de Beaune in Burgundy

Planted on the hills with soft colourful slopes, our vines benefit from a rich clay-limestone soil that is cradled by ideal sunlight.

With its vineyards that are a good deal hillier than our Burgundy neighbours further north, Les Maranges remains a well-kept secret…

Almost half of our 180 hectares of vines are devoted to our seven Climats Premier Crus that are the pride of the entire territory.

here, the complexity of our wines in born from the willingness of committed men and women