Our wines

Here, the complexity of our winesin born from the willingnessof committed men and women

The Maranges reds, made from Pinot Noir, provide strong wines with a deep ruby colour, sometimes leaning towards a dark garnet.

Let yourself be carried away by the aromas of small red or dark fruits and peppery spices that mix with peony or violet floral notes.

These complex wines that are very well structured on the palate have a good aging potential of over ten years.


The Maranges whites, made from Chardonnay, are radiant with a very fine golden colour that is nuanced by emerald reflections.

The nose is a veritable fresh bouquet revealing aromas of acacia, citrus fruits, white fruits even exotic fruits. Brioche notes are expressed in certain Climats.

The palate is straight, elegant and supported by a touch of minerality. Our great white wines age gladly for around 6 to 8 years.


Here, the richness of our soil is born from fractured ground